Jun 9, 2009

Blue Tuesday

Ever have one of those days, when you wished you had stayed in bed? Sometimes I feel I am having one of those lives...

Don't get me wrong - I am usually a little ray of sunshine, the optimistic one who drives the office mad with my glass-half-full philosophy... But sometimes, on a rare occasion, I have a blue day.

And today is one of those days.

It all started when husband mentioned to me, as I was barely conscious this morning that the roofers were coming to fix our leaking roof – at 8am.

Which, I suppose for normal people would be quite reasonable. But for me, who slouches off to the kids’ school just after 7am, dropping them off with my hair messily tied up, and if I’m lucky, a jersey covering my pj’s – 8am is not enough time for me to be dressed and ready to receive people with a smile on my face.

So, the time was changed to 8.30, more manageable as this is the time I generally leave for work. Perfect, I thought, as I rummaged around the dining room looking for my missing house keys, before belatedly realising that they are still safely tucked away in the cubby hole of husband’s car, where I casually tossed them last night. This would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that husband’s car is now parked at husband’s work….

Luckily, I have been left an old, somewhat erratic gate remote to give to the roofers, and I have a spare security gate key, so I am sorted… I think.

I manhandle the kids out of the house, lift the latch of the front door securing it so that I am not locked out of the house, and lock the security gate. We are already ten minutes later than usual. A clippity-clopping sound of my four-year-old makes me turn - and yelp. She is wearing a pair of pink plastic high heels with stripy stockings and a skirt. Barely holding what’s left of my dignity together, I reopen the security gate, and frog-march her inside as the six-year-old, who is minutes away from being locked out of the school gate and needing a late slip, sniggers loudly behind me.

What ensues in a rather loud mother-daughter discussion which results in a bit of a tussle. A temper tantrum later (mine) and a few tears (hers) and we have a pair of mini Ugg boots firmly in place.

Ten minutes later and we are safely on route to school, getting the 6-year-old into the gate just in the nick of time, as the prefect slowly starts getting out his notepad, and licks the top of his pencil.

The 4-year-old, now perfectly content skips into school with the words: “Thank you mommy, I look like Barbie today.”

I waste another five minutes wacking the life out of the remote, trying to get the gate open again, before quickly rushing around the house washing dishes, making beds and generally tidying.

Slipping into the bath just after 8am, shampoo and water dripping onto my shoulders, the gate bell rings…

Now standing, with just a towel between me and modesty, I attempt to grit out a conversation with the roofers (yes, the ones who were due to arrive at 8.30…) I quickly dress in the first clothes I find, and with bedraggled hair and no make-up stagger out the front door, with handbag and work bag falling off my shoulder and lock up, only to find one of the roofers, with a plug point in hand asking: “Can you plug this in for us?”

“Erm” is my response. I try to find the most succinct version possible, to explain without sounding completely like a floozy, that I am now locked out of my home, and cannot get back in…
The roofers look at me nonplussed as I reverse out of my driveway, narrowly missing the truck parked in the road…

And, it’s only 8.20am….

Essential oils to my rescue – Geranium, with its strong floral scent is not only good for anxiety, but lifts your spirits, Lavender is an awesome de-stressor, while lemon both relaxes and boosts your mood. Chamomile and Ylang Ylang both ease frustration and calms when irritable, and Rosemary relieves muscle tension. A few well-chosen drops on a tissue, breathe deeply. A quick dap onto my pulse points, massaged into my wrists and sides of my forehead, and I am ready for whatever more the day has planned for me…

What blue Tuesday, I say?

Sep 26, 2008

Blog it!

Longevity – what does the name mean to you? To me, it means the power of healthy living. It’s all about empowerment, and embracing life, whatever challenge it throws at you, be it health, physical, spiritual or emotional.
I am lucky to be a part of this world. As the features Ed of this health and wellness magazine, I am a part of something, learning and growing on a daily basis.
The drive to embrace your health, both physically and emotionally – is no longer a trend. It is a state of being and it is awesome to be part of this.
I have always loved words, the way they flow together and what they can achieve. Words can cut deeper than a knife, and heal better than the most skilled surgeon. But what makes words powerful, is the meaning behind them. It is this mission that we, the team behind the name Longevity Magazine, have been tasked with – gathering the best experts in their chosen fields, speaking to those who have actually lived and experienced what we are talking about, researching and relating that research to you in an accessible manner. We have a daily responsibility to ensure that we provide the best, most up-to-date and credible information in the best and most entertaining manner we can. And, ultimately, it is great fun...
Now, you are invited to become part of this journey and this process. I have always been taught that as a journalist, you should try to be unbiased, provide all sides of the story and give your reader the information so that you can make your own choices and opinions – it’s about empowerment really.
And yes, my style does come through on the magazine pages, and I have let you see a glimpse of who I am. But now, you get to know me, who I am, my thoughts, emotions and passions as I share what I find interesting (and I hope you will too).
A little deeper insight into the process behind what we do – those things that we are not always able to share on the pages of the magazine.
And, hopefully, you will learn something as well, perhaps a tidbit of info that will be of benefit to you and the health and wellness of your own family.
But this is not a one-sided relationship, and I need your input, your advice, tips and comments that you want to share…
Let the blogging begin

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